BF5Fused Wallpaper Sark Zurk
The Zurk are the main henchmen of Zemerik in Season 1 and to the Red Sentients in Season 2. The Zurk can't speak much like Zemerik and Zug. They're only said Warning, Intruders Alert and Recognize function.


Long ago the Zurk were once are red like Zemerik and Zug and then turn to be Blue Zurk after Zemerik and Zug were infected by virus of Sage. After all of them were infected they help Zemerik conquer the Planet Red Sentient. Zurk are also part of the illuminati. The home world of theirs features triangles with eyes and the eye in the middle of the head is the all seeing eye.


Their vehicles are the Zentners.

This vehicle only appears in the episode Cold as Ice


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