Zorax 2

Zorax as he appears in "Get Zemerik"

Background Edit

Zorax (voiced by Brian Dobson) the leader of the Alpha Sark. He is seen at the end of the episode Get Zemerik where he reactivates Zemerik. It is later revealed in Full Revolution that he serves Kromulax. And that he was infecting Sark with the Alpha Code with the intent of creating an army for Kromulax as most of the Karmordials were trapped in the Primodiverse.

Pre-Get ZemerikEdit

Originally thought to be nothing more then a myth, Zorax was known as the entity of the Torborian badlands. He would capture Sark, which had entered the badlands, and infect them with the Alpha Code, with the intent of building an army for Kromulax.

Get Zemerik Edit

In a desperate attempt to escape the Red sentient 5, Zemerik and Zug retreated into the Torborian Badlands, believing that Krytus would not follow them. Zug was damaged by an ion storm and offered his power core to Zemerik, who was then ambushed from behind by an Alpha Sark scout. Zemerik was then infected by the Alpha Code and offered his "worthless exo-skeleton" to the alpha code, Battle force 5 and the Red sentient 5 intervened however and Zemerik`s command codes were stolen by battle force 5, Zemerik was then stabbed by Krytus who proceeded to throw Zemerik into a pit. Later Zugs body was recovered by the Alpha Sark and dropped in the same pit. Zorax then reactivated Zemerik with the words "Arise my humble servant"

Full revolution Edit

It is revealed that Zorax served Kromulax and was infecting Sark with the intent of building an army for the Karmordials. He and his Alpha Sark (including Zemerik) chased battle force 5 through many battle zones and managed to capture Sherman and Spinner but the rest of the team got away. Later Zorax attempted to make contact with Kromulax (likely to receive further orders) meanwhile Spinner showed Zemerik their handshake, Zemerik then recognized Spinner and got his memories back. Zemerik then shot Zorax claiming that he was a "False Prophet" and told the Zurk that they should follow their "true master." With these words Zemerik converted the remaining zurk back to blue. Ending the Alpha Sark threat.

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible that he is older than Zemerik as he serves Kromulax who created the Sentients. And Zemerik was built by Krytus who is a red sentient.
  • He has a similar head design to Tors-10.

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