Hot Wheels Battle Force 5
Webisodes are web episodes (the name itself is a portmanteau of those words) shown only on the internet. Since the opening of Battle Force, new webisodes are added as the series progresses.

List of WebisodesEdit

Season 1Edit

  1. "Breakthrough"
  2. "Leaping Lava"
  3. "Sweet Victory"
  4. "Home Stretch"
  5. "Hunger Strike"
  6. "Tame the Beast"
  7. "Killer Sound System"
  8. "Winner Takes All"
  9. "Every Car For Itself"
  10. "The Hunted"
  11. "Dropped Call"
  12. "Splashback"
  13. "Skillshot"
  14. "Shutter Speed"
  15. "Intruder Alert"
  16. "Seek and Destroy" [never released]

Season 2Edit

  1. "Burn Baby Burn"
  2. "Cold Fusion"
  3. "Monsters of the Multiverse"
  4. "Birthday Bash"
  5. "Gotcha"
  6. "A Mouth Full of Fusion"
  7. "Fire on Ice"
  8. "Secret Alliance"
  9. "Lost Charge"
  10. "Red Storm Rises"
  11. "Miles of Smiles"
  12. "Overdrive"
  13. "Rawkus Delivery"
  14. "Warrior Fire"

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