Hello again, and welcome back to the Saturday Battle! This one is bound to be a toughie, in fact its as tough as a mountain!

Today's episode is called "Stone Cold Warrior". When Krytus steals Rawkus's Power Core Stone, he ends up crossing the path of the Battle Force 5. Zoom is able to gain his trust when they are captured in the Red Sentient Planet.

A few things to note:

1. We are introduced to Rawkus in this episode, a Golem with the ability to manipulate the earth. His vehicle is the Grindstone, a large motorcycle also made of stone. He crosses paths with the Battle Force 5 when the Red Sentients steal his Power Core Stone, his life source. Without it, he's rendered inanimate for a millenium.

2. I heard Rawkus's voice actor before, I believe its Kevin Michael Richardson voicing him.

3. Sage is in his debt due to the fact that Rawkus saved her when Krytus was about to kill her.

4. Poor Stanford getting neglected in and out this episode! ("It's good to be home!") Rawkus took his Sentient Chip and he ended up getting hit in the head when towed back to the Hub.

5. It took some doing, but the Battle Force 5 were able to get some sense of trust out of the Golem. But like he said, he doesn't take sides, such is his mission.

Overall, a good introduction to a very powerful ally.

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