Welcome to a Saturday Battle on Monday. Reason for this was because of the upcoming move. Like I said before, I was busy packing and missed half the episode. I got to see the first half today, though.

The episode covered is titled "Hunt for the Magmatrox". A bunch of attacks on Multiverse wildlife connect to the Red Sentient 5 hunting for a dinosaur-like creature called a Magmatrox. The Battle Force 5 need to get the last remaining Magmatrox to safety before the Reds kill it and cut its horn off for Krytus to use.

A few things to note:

1. This is an Agura focused episode, and shows specifically why she's called the Team's Hunter. She was mainly leading for most of the episode. My favorite part was what she said after she threw Kyburi into the lava ("I'm trying to have a conversation here!"). Nice one!

2. The Reds are getting smarter. They upgraded the Sark Sentries with blasters! We'll see them get more ruthless as time goes on.

3. Meet the Magmatrox, a volcanic dinosaur creature with the ability to breathe fire. Durable skin and massive power make it a formidable creature, but what makes it stand out is its horn. Long ago, the Red Sentients hunted the Magmatrox for its horn to amplify their psychic energy. They used a special device to cut the horns off, but it kills the beast in the process. However, the horn can be cut off without hurting the Magmatrox.

4. As seen in the Webisode "Fire on Ice", A.J. isn't used to hot places or weather. This contrasts with Zoom and Agura, who aren't used to cold places or weather.

5. Apparently, the Magmatrox the BF5 saved was a female. It was keeping watch of a nest of eggs near the end, one of them looking like it was getting ready to hatch.

Overall, I hope this makes up for the delay!

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