• gets out from under the table*

Um, hi. I thought I'd kinda peek out here and do the next Saturday Battle.

Today's episode is titled "Shadow Zone". While hunting for Krylox's Re-Spawn Chamber, Rawkus pulls Vert and Zoom through the Fusion Vortex to the Shadow Zone. Somewhere in this mirror world of zones is the stored minds of the Blue Sentients.

A few things to note:

1. Rawkus has a few other powers to show other than just earth manipulation. He can control time, but only in a pinch.

2. The Shadow Zone...let's just say it's very eerie. It's a mirror image of all the Battle Zones the Battle Force 5 encountered, only black and white and inhabited by black beings called Shadow Speeders. It's also dangerous, if anyone stays in the Shadow Zone for too long, they become a Shadow Speeder as well gradually.

3. Remember the Data Log found in "Battleship 5" and those Blue Sentient shells in "Found!...And Lost"? Sage is storing the minds of the Blue Sentients in her own mind. She is the lock, and also the key to their holding. If she knows of the minds stored within her, they'll get released.

Overall, very...surprising, to say the least.

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