Sherman Cortez
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BF5 Role

Strategic Tactical and Tech Support







Theme Colour


Red Sentient 5 Counterpart



SmashClaw, ShatterBolt

Family Members

Spinner Cortez, Unamed grandmother


A.J., Agura, Zoom, Vert, Stanford, Tezz



BF5Fused Wallpaper Cortez

Sherman Cortez (voiced by Brian Drummond) is the younger fraternal twin brother to Spinner Cortez and one of the two brains of the team.

Information about ShermanEdit

Cortez Bros.
Sherman's the younger (but physically bigger and more intelligent) twin brother of Spinner, but is the most intelligent (along with Tezz) and strongest of the team. He, along with his brother, are from a suburb in Los Angeles.


Sherman's more level-headed than his brother and the more responsible of the Cortezes.


Although the brothers get on each other's nerves at times, they're very close and care a lot about each other. Sherman is usually the one to keep Spinner in line, but they later learn to appreciate each other's skills.

The two geniuses can usually be seen together, and they acknowledge each other as equals and partners.


The brothers share the Buster Tank (just called the Buster) a blue, six-wheeled Tank designed for ramming. It is armed with a spinning turret of chain-maces that can also rotate the cockpit 360 degrees, giant retractable mace-spikes on the sides, a ramp on the back used to help launch the other team's vehicles when in battle, an afterburner for extra thrust and an automated targeting system named the "Shermanator 3000 targeting system".

The Buster is used for two combinations: the SmashClaw and the ShatterBolt.

Theme ColorEdit

The Buster Tank and both the Brothers's suits and clothing have the color blue. Sherman is more associated with the darker shades of blue.

Dark blue symbolizes calmness and stability. Given Sherman's level-headed personality, this fits him. It can also symbolize unity, showing the strong, brotherly bond between him and Spinner.



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