Red Sentient moon is the moon of Red Sentient Planet and Battle Zone but unlike the Red Sentient Planet that everything are red. The Red Sentient moon ground color is black mix with little green. It is the place that where the Battle Force 5 meet Tezz. Sometimes before start the series Tezz lastest experiment was trapped him at Red Sentient moon but the Battle Force 5 had come and brought him back to Earth. Possibly before Krytus and his team will be free, the Red Sentient moon was ruled by Zemerik like he ruled Red Sentient Planet.


  • Blue Sark : The prevalent race of the moon.
  • Red Sark : the prevalent race of the moon after Krytus took control.


  • If the Red Sentient Planet have moon and it is possible that the Blue Sentient Planet is have Blue Sentient moon too.

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