Series Name
Season 1, Episode 108
6933 176272476286 73074736286 4259881 4559178 n
Air date October 10, 2009
Written by Andy Guerdat
Directed by Johnny Darrell
Blair Simmons
Episode Guide
Behind Enemy Lines

My Man, Zug is the eighth episode of Hot Wheels Battle Force 5.


Zemerik infiltrates the Battle Force 5 by reprogramming Zug to become Stanford's servant in order for Zug to steal Battle Force 5's Battle Keys.


  • When the Battle Force 5 was closing the stormshock, instead of reaching for the battlekey, Vert already had it in his hand and tossed it to Zoom, who kicked it into the stormshock.


[Zoom and Stanford fall screaming into a hole in the Battlezone that teleports them so they fall from the sky instead]

Zoom: [lands] Still alive. [smiles] Cool.


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