Kytren fused
This fierce, savage Red Sentient is Krytus' scout of the evil Red Five. He is the counterpart to Zoom because of the scouting he does. And much like Zoom, is stealthy and can fight without fear. He is the twin brother of Sage's mentor, Sol.


He was the first of Krytus' team freed, and is close to Krytus. He desires, like Krytus, to annihilate Sage. In one episode, his energy essence gets captured by the BF5 in an attempt to find and destroy his re-spawn chamber. The team lose it at the end.. so his essence finds the re-spawn chamber and recharges. As the movie proves it, Kytren is banished to the same planet as Krytus.


His vehicle is the Vylirex. It possesses the ability to drive into the ground and reappear at a different location.