Kyburi fused

Kyburi is a vicious, evil Red Sentient that with a single touch can drain your energy as well as your vehicle's energy. She is, like Kytren, a loyal follower of Krytus, and desires nothing more than to please him and, of course, herself. She is the counterpart to Agura.


Kyburi is the huntress of the evil Red 5. She was vicious and cruel to her Diads. She agreed to join Krytus' rebellion against the Sentient's truce. Kyburi later followed Krytus and the others to another planet to gather more troops. But when they returned... every one else on their planet had been frozen by Sage's Double Helix Crystals. There, they came close to freeing their people when Vert came from the future and destroyed the crystals. Then Zemerik, who had been turned to blue energy, had captured all of them, then tried to take over the multiverse. As the movie proves it, Kyburi is banished to the same planet as Krytus.


Her vehicle is the Venikus, a red all-terrain vehicle to aid in her hunting skills.