Kio Hakoko is a Vandal battle ritual that is used to determine who the leader of the Vandals will be. It usually takes place when one Vandal challenges the current leader or in the event of the current leader's death. Tradition demands that the victor kill his opponent, but this tradition has been broken twice -- once by Grimian and once by Kalus.

The ChallengesEdit

  • Vehicles race with Traps: The Vandals must race,fight each other and escape from trap in the maze alive and be first.
  • Foot race with Fight: The Vandals must run to the other side of the valley with their feet, fight each other and escape from the creatrues that of the maze alive and be first.
  • Vandal VS Vandal: The last challenge of the Vandals they can do everything in the fight because it not laws that's mean they can cheat.