The Karmordials are a group of villains in Hot Wheels Battle Force 5. They were first mentioned in Better Off Red, referred to in that episode as the "Greater Enemy". But in Unite and Strike!, they were referred to as the Ancient Ones by Rawkus and one of them is appeared and killed by the Battle Force 5 in the same episode. (But maybe they're not the Ancient Ones because the Ancient Ones use the Yellow Sark not Alpha Sark to serve them.). As shown by the constellations, one of them looks like: a dragon, one is an Octopus, one looks like he is made out of fire or ice, and the last one looks like a huge gargoyle. Before Battle Force 5, the Sentients were created by the Karmordials, but the Sentients evolved while the Karmordials remained primitive. This angered the Karmordials to the point where the Sentients had to create the Penta Warriors, which they used to fight the Karmordials, after which the Karmordials were banished to the Primordiverse. They are the main antagonists in Full Revolution.

Known KarmordiansEdit

  • Kromulax (voiced by David Kaye) - The leader of the Karmordials.
  • Bruterax (voiced by Scott McNeil) - One of Kromulax's henchmen.
  • Blador (voiced by Brian Drummond)


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