Series Name
Season 3, Episode 306
Air date TBA
Written by Unknown
Directed by Andrew Duncan
Episode Guide
Cold Alliance
The Architect

Evolution is the 58th episode of Hot Wheels Battle Force 5.

Summary: Evil Vert and evil spinner appear out of the nether. Vert has pink eyes and spinner vomits rainbows. He is so gay. Krytus crashes a party that Stanford was having over in London. Stanford gets angry and shoots krytus in the head.Grace buys a gold fidget spinner. Kalus and Zemerick fall in love and get married. It turns out Evil Vert and spinner were cool and they joined the BF5. Grace trains for the world record of spinning her fidget spinner on her finger for the longest time. She failed the attempt. Tezz's hair gets shaved of by Agura because she thought it was too long and that he looked like a girl. Tezz was pissed - he beat up agura (many punches) and left the BF5 to pursue a new life in North Korea where he made a birthday cake for Kim Jong Un. The Battle force 5 encounter a new force of evil who call themselves " The Silencerz" But this time they could talk and take their helmets off to reveal themselves. A metal robot man who has lots of money and superpowers. The"long fight" between the two forces lasted about 10 seconds after vert unplugged world power which the silencerz were running on. Zoom started watching hot wheels acceleracers on his TV then Gig popped out of the TV and into real life. Zoom showed everyone else. He then looked into the battle key vault which how now been replaced by the accelecharger vault. Sage had randomly turned flashing rainbow and couldnt stop laughing. A black sentient appeared for the first time. Overly dramatic music played. Want me to make a part 2? want me to carry it on? tell me in the comments. (absolutely none of this is real and was never made. I just dreamt up of random things that popped into my head and put it in this stupidly made fanmade idea of a BF5 eoisode.)Edit


  • Mark Hildreth as Vert
  • Kathleen Barr as Agura/Korosivash
  • Gabe Khouth as Spinner
  • Brian Drummond as Sherman
  • Noel Johansen as Stanford/Tezz
  • Alessandro Juliani as Zoom
  • Michael Dobson as AJ/Boralis
  • Kira Tozar as Sage/Grace
  • Colin Murdock as Karmakaris