Kalus fused
Captain Kalus is the leader of the Vandals. He is a lion/tiger-like or a liger-like vandal with a fiery temper and a habit of monologing.

He wears spiked armor and utilizes a crossbow attatched to his right bracer as a weapon. He shows talents with other weapons as well though. He is also known to be quite physically capable. Also he values the Vandel code of honor, and cares about his people.


  • Kalus was originally a member of the Vandal Hordes until he challegned the Warlord Iguanarox and won, becoming Vandal Warlord, as revealed in Behind Enemy Lines. After he became Vandal Warlord, he began to conquer the multiverse as ancient Vandals did when they ravaged the Blue Sentient and Kharamanos Homeworlds. He is last seen in Rumble in the Jungle, after the final defeat of the vandals, when he is approaching Grimian with a spear in his hand, implying he executed him for treason.


His vehicle is the Fangore, a chariot-like vehicle armed with a spear launcher on the front, as well as blades on the sides for sideswiping vehicles. Out of losing to Grimian during Uprising, Fangore gets upgraded into something similar to the Tangler, with stronger armor, better agility, limbs for close combat, dual spear launchers, and a mechanical tail in the rear that doubles as a catapult.

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