This is a planet that originally belong to the Blue Sentients until it was conquered and colonization by the Vandals. It was ruled by the Council of Five but after the Vandals invasion it ruled by Captain Kalus but now it return to ruled by the Blue Sentients and the Council of Five. It opposes with the Red Sentient Planet.


  • Blue Sentients: They are the original residents of this planet.
  • Vandals: They were the conquerors and prevalent race of the planet.
  • Diad: servants of the Blue Sentients.

Creatures and PlantsEdit

  • Positron Plant: The blue plant from Planet Blue Sentient.


  • Modulon 5: The capital city of the Blue Sentients located on Planet Blue Sentient.
  • Council Tower: The place for the meeting of the Council of Five.

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