Series Name
Season 2, Episode 223
263171 10150290802516287 73074736286 9666764 747960 n
Air date June 25, 2011
Written by Story by
Ken Cuperus

Teleplay by
Andrew Nicholls &
Darrell Vickers

Directed by Andrew Duncan
Blair Simmons
Episode Guide
Grimian's Secret
Get Zemerik

Better Off Red is the 48th episode of Hot Wheels Battle Force 5


Vert must work with Krytus to prevent Sage from creating a doomsday device that will end the Multiverse! But is this really the truth?

Key EventsEdit

  • How Sentients can Re-Spawn is learned.
  • Vert takes the last remaining Blue Sentient translator from Krytus when he isn't looking and gives it to Sage.


SmashClaw (flashback)



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